Right click on the link and use save as to download the individual files. You can also download the entire database here.


We have both shape files and kml files of Bangalore Ward Maps. We also have SVG maps of Bangalore with all required attributes.

  1. Bangalore Ward Maps in KML format – 2012
  2. Bangalore Ward Maps 2012 in Shape File format – bbmpwards.shx, bbmpwards.fix, bbmpwards.qix, bbmpwards.dbf, bbmpwards.sql, bbmpwards.shp
  3. Bangalore Ward Maps in SVG format – 2012 – Wards have been defined as paths and they have ward number as an attribute WARD_NO.
  4. Before BBMP there was BMP, BMP ward maps are available.
  5. Bangalore Pincode Area Download geojson map file or View it on Github
  6. BWSSB (water board) Division, subdivision and main lines KML Maps obtained from BWSSB website.


  1. List of Pre Schools in Bangalore – has location information too.
  2. List of Schools in Bangalore – has location information too.

Public Transport

  1. BMTC Bangalore Bus Stops – 2014 – Lists all bustops with location.
  2. BMTC Bangalore Routes – 2014 – Lists all the routes with basic info.
  3. BMTC Bangalore Routes – Busstops – 2014 Lists stops for each route.
  4. BMTC Bangalore Routes – Timings – 2014 Timings for all the bus routes.
  5. BMTC Bangalore Routes, Busstops and Routes-Stop in an SQLITE – 2014 Has everything, use it if you are a developer.
  6. BMTC Bangalore Bus Stops – 2012
  7. BMTC big 10 routes – 2012
  8. BMTC Vaayu vajra routes – 2012
  9. BMTC urban and sub-urban routes – 2010


  1. Temperature and Humidity Data, collected every 3 minutes since Feb 2014 as CSV
  2. Bangalore Cloud Cover Monthly Mean – From the year 1901 to 2002.
  3. Bangalore monthly average temparature in json and tsv format – From the year 1901 to 2002.


  1. BBMP 2010 election results in csv and json format. – has location information too.


  1. Bangalore urban and rural police stations


  1. 2000 Data

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